Hope you're ready for the inaugural Devil's Hole hash on Saturday, its gunna burn you up! 😈

We will meet at the blue dot. Use the parking area across the street or in the adjacent neighborhood if parking is full.

Reminder: Devil's Hole is 25mins north of Buffalo.
Reminder: Use "Devil Hole State Park Parking Area" on google map app for directions.
Reminder: Hash Cash is $10
Reminder: Challenge - special patch for those who can complete the Devil's Hole portion within 20mins or less.

More, full details below:


This is a special hash for a few different reasons.  Firstly, this will be the goodbye hash for Oral Vise and Just Erin, as they will be moving back to California in July.  Secondly, it is Oral Vise's birthday on the 24th!  And, thirdly, this hash has been a long time coming and Steaming Wood has finally pulled it together.  Regardless of the weather, Devil's Hole is going to be the hottest hash yet!

Hare: Steaming Wood

Where: Devil Hole State Park Parking Area, devil hole state park, Niagara Falls, NY 14305

Hash Cash: $10

Theme: wear red, wear devils horns, wear a devils tail, carry a flaming pitchfork, get your evil on.

This hash will feature: hot pepper spiced beers, hot pepper honey wine, spicy snacks, a very special chocolate confection treat, and most notably The Trail.  (Don't worry, there will also be water and regular hash beer) Trail will start right off with an eagle-turkey split. This eagle is not for the meek, it will be a timed, and the r*cists will be rewarded.  Eagles will descend 300ft into the gorge down a dangerous, uneven stone staircase.  Once at the bottom they will run about a mile along the rivers edge on a technical trail, while avoiding falling into the rapids, until they hit the whirlpool staircase, at which point they must ascend the wall of stairs to the BN.  Those who complete this portion within the allotted time will receive the exclusive Steaming Wood Devil's Hole patch (it's already on order and should arrive in time for the hash).  This hash will be a re-occurring event, so that future hashers and those who fail to conquer Devil's Hole can attempt it again, although it will not necessarily held anally.   

Start your stair training now, and get ready to experience the Devil's Hole!