Understanding The Trail

At the beginning of every trail, the destructions are given.  This is when the hares explain what they've done, and how to find the beer (see the symbols below).  At the end of every trail is "circle", where we review all the idiocy that has occurred and merrily toast each other for it.

Setting (Haring) a trail


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What it looks like on trail:

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Hash - both a verb and noun.  To hash is to participate in a hash trail.  A hash is an event where hashers hash.

Hasher - A person who hashes.

Wanker - A person who hashes

Half-mind - A person who hashes

Fuckin Fuck - A person who hashes

Hare - the hasher that sets the trail

Muggle - A person who doesn't hash

Racist - a hasher that runs in races like 5ks and stuff

Virgin - someone that is experiencing a hash for the first time

Road Whore - a hasher that travels to other kennels to hash

Kennel - a chapter of Hash House Harriers in a place.  A city can have more than one kennel.

Anal - annual

Destructions - instructions

Shiggy - rough trail

Pre-lube - event prior to a hash

Circle - trail ending ceremony

On After - event after the hash


Our disclaimer

Hashing is only for 21 and over.

You understand that this is a totally unorganized, unsanctioned, unsafe, immature, 
irresponsible, and downright foolish thing to do. Yet, you choose to do it anyway on
your own free will (Hell, you'll even pay to do so). Yes, you are stupid. 
If you get hurt, it is your own damn fault.