Hare: 1-4-Ho

Where:   Meet in the parking lot across from Lenox Grill (so, on the North side of North street, way in the back near the gazebo where we hashed in April). We will have a designated on-after for food a special on-on-after with live rock music so bring some cash, ID and possibly extra clothes (like your combat boots and kilt) if you want to keep it going after. Please reach out to hashers who you know don't check facebook daily. 

What:  One-Four-Ho will introduce Buffalo Hashers to their first disaster hash. This hash is dedicated to the memory of recently deceased Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington just on the heels of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell passing. My rocker dreams are crumbling, sniffle. Help me curb the tears with beers and a hash dedications to the rock stars we all want to be. Wear your rocker-garb (whether that's tight pants, long hair, leather cuffs, hankerchief headbands, or copius tattoos) and you'll walk/stumble away named for this theme (so bring some ideas too!)

WHAT IS A DISASTER HASH, you say? It's a hash dedicated to a recent disaster (which is subjective but tends to be natural disasters, political, or social disasters) Anyone can host one, it has a theme and a live-hare trail. You just bring $1 and a six-pack of beer (unless you're Nacho Bitch, then you better bring a 12-pack). It tends to be a shorter trail (so 1-2 miles not 4-6), can be A-A or A-B (in this case will be A-B) and EVERYONE is given a disaster hash name at their first D-hash. The hare is decided during initial circle, and anyone who catches the hare then becomes the hare, and so on, until we reach final circle. 

Rock on, rockers!!