The BH3 Anal Pre(cum)-Marathon Hash.
Buffalo's marathon is on Sunday the 27th, so cum out and celebrate "running" with us the day before. 

Hares: Too Good To Be Goo, and SS Crash!

Hash Cash: $7

THEME: "R*cist Bling". Thats right you wankers, this is the one hash wherer r*cist gear is condoned and encouraged! So go get out all those old race medals and bibs and shirts from that box in the back of your closet (buried under the dildos). Wear as many medals and race bibs as you can, without strangling yourself or preventing your arms from raising a beer to your mouth for down downs; we want to show Buffalo and the marathon expo people what real over-achieving beer ninja athletes we are! And for you wankers that haven't done races or traditional athletic competitions, here are some ideas for your bling: race shirts from Goodwill, your medal from winning best in show with your pig at the 4H fair, your bronze medal from that year you competed in olympic deep throating, the first place medal you won from your apple pie at the chuch bake sale competition, the medal you won for first place in the Magic:The Gathering tournement. Or, just borrow some of your fellow wankers' medals. The more the merrier!!

We're meeting behind city hall near the bank and church. 62 S Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202-2609, United States

See you there!