Its a BIKE hash!   Enjoy some pumping of your tires, lube your chain, wear protection, and ride hard, all the way to the beer near.

Hares: Dr. FAL and Inverted Cameltoe

When: Friday, July 6

Time: 6PM

Where: Brunner's Tavern, 3989 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hash Cash: $7

Details: 6pm start, trail will be completed in daylight. It's a road-bike friendly trail. Marks will be on SIDEWALKS and STREETS. For the love the hash, follow the marks and don't ride in the street if marks are on the sidewalk. This isn't Slow Roll.

2 stops. Beer/shots and ICE CREAM. $7 hash cash gets you all that.

Not dog-friendly. Dogs and bikes, two great tastes that don't taste great together.